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EmbAudioFlight was the outcome of the course 3D Interaction. It’s a flight simulator game made in Unity and modeled in 3DS Max, where the player controls an air plane above a volcano island and collects points. The air plane is controlled sideways by using your arms as wings, and up and down using your voice as motor.

The game uses two inputs; a kinect and a microphone. The kinect measures the y-coordinates of your hands and the difference between these coordinates decides the sideways movement of the air plane. The microphone collects the sound of your voice and the volume is transformed to numbers in MAX/MSP. The numbers are sent to Unity via OSC and decides the up-down movement of the air plane.



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Music Box of Time and Space

As part of the elective course ‘Sound and Interaction’ I developed and built an analog/digital music box that could be experienced at places for events or at museums.

The music box consists of a wooden construction with tin cans in the middle on which nails are soldered. The construction holds four flex sensors that are placed so that when the music box is used, the nails hit the sensors. The sensors are connected to an Arduino board which goes to a computer with microphone and speakers, and the digital functionalities are programmed in MAX/MSP.

When the music box is not in use a microphone records random sound clips at a duration of two seconds each. When the music box is used, these sounds will be played in reverse order, so the last recorded sound clip will be played first and the first recorded clip will be played last. Each sensor has a significant pitch which will be added to the current sound clip.

So basically you play yourself back through the sounds of the space around you.

Max patches can be found here:


Here’s a video which I’m not significantly proud of, but.. you know… at least it shows the music box in action:


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