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Pulse Sensor + Adafruit Neopixel | DD Lab

Nyeste indlæg

Pulse Sensor + Adafruit Neopixel

Adafruits neopixel kan eksempelvis sættes sammen med en Pulse Sensor, begge tilgængelige i labbet. Neopixels lyser så kraftigt at de sagtens kan ses i dagslys, man kan læse mere om den her. Vi har også den mindre udgave af ringen.


Ved at sætte neopixel sammen med pulssensor kan man få et ret fedt udtryk, hvor ringen lyser op og fader ud ved hver pulsslag, efter at pulssensoren har opfanget pulsen. Du kan læse mere om pulssensoren her.

Vi har sammensat kodeeksemplerne fra PulseSensorAmped og Adafruit_Neopixel. Adafruit neopixels library skal lægges i din Arduino/libraries mappe. Herefter skal du genstarte Arduino IDE’et, hvis du har den åbent og du kan nu bruge vedhæftede kode:

#include <Adafruit_NeoPixel.h>

>> Pulse Sensor Amped 1.2 <<
This code is for Pulse Sensor Amped by Joel Murphy and Yury Gitman
    >>> Pulse Sensor purple wire goes to Analog Pin 0 <<<
Pulse Sensor sample aquisition and processing happens in the background via Timer 2 interrupt. 2mS sample rate.
PWM on pins 3 and 11 will not work when using this code, because we are using Timer 2!
The following variables are automatically updated:
Signal :    int that holds the analog signal data straight from the sensor. updated every 2mS.
IBI  :      int that holds the time interval between beats. 2mS resolution.
BPM  :      int that holds the heart rate value, derived every beat, from averaging previous 10 IBI values.
QS  :       boolean that is made true whenever Pulse is found and BPM is updated. User must reset.
Pulse :     boolean that is true when a heartbeat is sensed then false in time with pin13 LED going out.

This code is designed with output serial data to Processing sketch "PulseSensorAmped_Processing-xx"
The Processing sketch is a simple data visualizer. 
All the work to find the heartbeat and determine the heartrate happens in the code below.
Pin 13 LED will blink with heartbeat.
If you want to use pin 13 for something else, adjust the interrupt handler
It will also fade an LED on pin fadePin with every beat. Put an LED and series resistor from fadePin to GND.
Check here for detailed code walkthrough:


Code Version 1.2 by Joel Murphy & Yury Gitman  Spring 2013
This update fixes the firstBeat and secondBeat flag usage so that realistic BPM is reported.


#define PIN            6

#define NUMPIXELS      24

int pulsePin = 0;                 // Pulse Sensor purple wire connected to analog pin 0
int blinkPin = 13;                // pin to blink led at each beat
int fadePin = 5;                  // pin to do fancy classy fading blink at each beat
int fadeRate = 0;                 // used to fade LED on with PWM on fadePin

// these variables are volatile because they are used during the interrupt service routine!
volatile int BPM;                   // used to hold the pulse rate
volatile int Signal;                // holds the incoming raw data
volatile int IBI = 600;             // holds the time between beats, must be seeded! 
volatile boolean Pulse = false;     // true when pulse wave is high, false when it's low
volatile boolean QS = false;        // becomes true when Arduoino finds a beat.

Adafruit_NeoPixel pixels = Adafruit_NeoPixel(NUMPIXELS, PIN, NEO_GRB + NEO_KHZ800);

void setup(){
  pinMode(blinkPin,OUTPUT);         // pin that will blink to your heartbeat!
  pinMode(fadePin,OUTPUT);          // pin that will fade to your heartbeat!
  Serial.begin(115200);             // we agree to talk fast!
  interruptSetup();                 // sets up to read Pulse Sensor signal every 2mS 
   for(int i=0;i<NUMPIXELS;i++){
    // pixels.Color takes RGB values, from 0,0,0 up to 255,255,255
    pixels.setPixelColor(i, pixels.Color(0,255,0)); // Moderately bright green color.
    //pixels.show(); // This sends the updated pixel color to the hardware.
  pixels.show(); // This sends the updated pixel color to the hardware.

void loop(){
  sendDataToProcessing('S', Signal);     // send Processing the raw Pulse Sensor data
  if (QS == true){                       // Quantified Self flag is true when arduino finds a heartbeat
        fadeRate = 255;                  // Set 'fadeRate' Variable to 255 to fade LED with pulse
        //sendDataToProcessing('B',BPM);   // send heart rate with a 'B' prefix
        //sendDataToProcessing('Q',IBI);   // send time between beats with a 'Q' prefix
        QS = false;                      // reset the Quantified Self flag for next time    

   delay(20);                             //  take a break

void ledFadeToBeat(){
    fadeRate -= 15;                         //  set LED fade value
    fadeRate = constrain(fadeRate,0,255);   //  keep LED fade value from going into negative numbers!
    //analogWrite(fadePin,fadeRate);          //  fade LED
  for(int i=0;i<NUMPIXELS;i++){
    // pixels.Color takes RGB values, from 0,0,0 up to 255,255,255
    pixels.setPixelColor(i, pixels.Color(fadeRate,fadeRate/5,fadeRate/5)); // Moderately bright green color.
    //pixels.show(); // This sends the updated pixel color to the hardware.

void sendDataToProcessing(char symbol, int data ){
    Serial.print(symbol);                // symbol prefix tells Processing what type of data is coming
    Serial.println(data);                // the data to send culminating in a carriage return

Du skal også bruge det andet kodestykke fra Pulse Sensor Amped. De to kodestykker, eller sketches, skal ligge i samme mappe. Når du åbner et af dem, skulle begge kodestykker gerne åbnes i to tabs i samme vindue.

volatile int rate[10];                    // array to hold last ten IBI values
volatile unsigned long sampleCounter = 0;          // used to determine pulse timing
volatile unsigned long lastBeatTime = 0;           // used to find IBI
volatile int P =512;                      // used to find peak in pulse wave, seeded
volatile int T = 512;                     // used to find trough in pulse wave, seeded
volatile int thresh = 512;                // used to find instant moment of heart beat, seeded
volatile int amp = 100;                   // used to hold amplitude of pulse waveform, seeded
volatile boolean firstBeat = true;        // used to seed rate array so we startup with reasonable BPM
volatile boolean secondBeat = false;      // used to seed rate array so we startup with reasonable BPM

void interruptSetup(){     
  // Initializes Timer2 to throw an interrupt every 2mS.
  sei();             // MAKE SURE GLOBAL INTERRUPTS ARE ENABLED      

// Timer 2 makes sure that we take a reading every 2 miliseconds
ISR(TIMER2_COMPA_vect){                         // triggered when Timer2 counts to 124
  cli();                                      // disable interrupts while we do this
  Signal = analogRead(pulsePin);              // read the Pulse Sensor 
  sampleCounter += 2;                         // keep track of the time in mS with this variable
  int N = sampleCounter - lastBeatTime;       // monitor the time since the last beat to avoid noise

    //  find the peak and trough of the pulse wave
  if(Signal < thresh && N > (IBI/5)*3){       // avoid dichrotic noise by waiting 3/5 of last IBI
    if (Signal < T){                        // T is the trough
      T = Signal;                         // keep track of lowest point in pulse wave 

  if(Signal > thresh && Signal > P){          // thresh condition helps avoid noise
    P = Signal;                             // P is the peak
  }                                        // keep track of highest point in pulse wave

  // signal surges up in value every time there is a pulse
  if (N > 250){                                   // avoid high frequency noise
    if ( (Signal > thresh) && (Pulse == false) && (N > (IBI/5)*3) ){        
      Pulse = true;                               // set the Pulse flag when we think there is a pulse
      digitalWrite(blinkPin,HIGH);                // turn on pin 13 LED
      IBI = sampleCounter - lastBeatTime;         // measure time between beats in mS
      lastBeatTime = sampleCounter;               // keep track of time for next pulse

      if(secondBeat){                        // if this is the second beat, if secondBeat == TRUE
        secondBeat = false;                  // clear secondBeat flag
        for(int i=0; i<=9; i++){             // seed the running total to get a realisitic BPM at startup
          rate[i] = IBI;                      

      if(firstBeat){                         // if it's the first time we found a beat, if firstBeat == TRUE
        firstBeat = false;                   // clear firstBeat flag
        secondBeat = true;                   // set the second beat flag
        sei();                               // enable interrupts again
        return;                              // IBI value is unreliable so discard it

      // keep a running total of the last 10 IBI values
      word runningTotal = 0;                  // clear the runningTotal variable    

      for(int i=0; i<=8; i++){                // shift data in the rate array
        rate[i] = rate[i+1];                  // and drop the oldest IBI value 
        runningTotal += rate[i];              // add up the 9 oldest IBI values

      rate[9] = IBI;                          // add the latest IBI to the rate array
      runningTotal += rate[9];                // add the latest IBI to runningTotal
      runningTotal /= 10;                     // average the last 10 IBI values 
      BPM = 60000/runningTotal;               // how many beats can fit into a minute? that's BPM!
      QS = true;                              // set Quantified Self flag 

  if (Signal < thresh && Pulse == true){   // when the values are going down, the beat is over
    digitalWrite(blinkPin,LOW);            // turn off pin 13 LED
    Pulse = false;                         // reset the Pulse flag so we can do it again
    amp = P - T;                           // get amplitude of the pulse wave
    thresh = amp/2 + T;                    // set thresh at 50% of the amplitude
    P = thresh;                            // reset these for next time
    T = thresh;

  if (N > 2500){                           // if 2.5 seconds go by without a beat
    thresh = 512;                          // set thresh default
    P = 512;                               // set P default
    T = 512;                               // set T default
    lastBeatTime = sampleCounter;          // bring the lastBeatTime up to date        
    firstBeat = true;                      // set these to avoid noise
    secondBeat = false;                    // when we get the heartbeat back

  sei();                                   // enable interrupts when youre done!
}// end isr

Du kan se eksemplet her, hvor det blev sat op til Physical Computing workshoppen E2014: IMG_1259

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Tilmeldning til Arduino-workshop

Der er åben for tilmeldning til Arduino-workshoppen, der finder sted i DD lab på Finlandsgade 25 d. 18 og 19 april kl 10-16.

Tilmeldingen sker ved at skrive til rasl@dac.au.dk

Mere information kan findes på:


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Tilmelding til UNITY workshop

Tilmeldingen til UNITY workshoppen er åben og tilmeldning sker ved at skrive en mail til rasl@dac.au.dk

Workshoppen er mandag d. 16 marts, mandag d. 23 marts og mandag d. 30 marts. Alle dage 18-22

Mere information på: http://www.ddlab.dk/programmering-af-3d-visualiseringer-til-apps-i-unity/

Det UNITY 5 er netop udkommet i dag så få fat i det på:  http://unity3d.com/get-unity

Nedenunder ses en video af APP’en Draw in 3D udviklet af Steffan (der skal undervise)

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Reminder: laser cut workshop

Tilmeldingen til workshop med DDLABs nye lasercutter er åben og tilmeldning sker ved at skrive en mail til rasl@dac.au.dk

Workshoppen er lørdag d. 7 marts og søndag d. 8 marts, fra 10-16.

Mere information på: http://www.ddlab.dk/how-to-lasercut/

Herunder er en video af lab’ets nyerhvervede og -installeret  lasercutter!

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Her til aften har der været indbrud i Schönbygningen/DD Lab, kl. 18:30, tyveriet blev heldigvis delvist spoleret.
MEN; tyvene var ikke brudt ind i bygningen! Kun i DD Lab. De var kommet ind af en åben yderdør, der normalt altid er låst!
Derfor; hvis du/I tillfældigvis har hørt eller set noget kort før ovenstående tidspunkt. Så må du/I meget gerne kontakte Rasmus Lunding rasl@cs.au.dk.

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Nye åbningstider for F15 i DD lab

Vi har nye åbningstider for forået 2015 i DD lab:

Mandage: 11-17
Tirsdage: 09 – 17
Onsdage: Lukket
Torsdage: 10 – 15
Fredage: 10 – 16

Vel mødt!

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Workshops i foråret 2015

DD Lab udbyder i samarbejde med ODDS og SAIS følgende tre workshops i foråret:

1. How to laser cutLaserCutterPic-F15

Vi har fået lasercutter! I samarbejde med Chomsky lab udbyder vi denne workshop i hvordan lasercutteren betjenes og du lærer hvordan maskinen kan indgå i din produktion af prototyper i forbindelse med studiet. Læs mere her.

2. Programmering af 3D visualiseringer til Apps i UnityUnityAppPic-F15

Vi udbyder igen en Unity workshop, denne gang fordelt over 3 aftener, således at deltageren kan nå at arbejde lidt videre med projektet i mellemtiden og blive hjulpet videre til næste trin den efterfølgende workshopgang. Læs mere her.

3. Fysisk interaktion med Arduino og Elektroniske KredsløbArduinoElectronicsPic-F15

Kendskab til elektroniske kredsløb er essentielt i fht. produktion af funktionelle prototyper. Til denne workshop introduceres til de grundlæggende koncepter og er både for begyndere og let-øvede brugere. Læs mere her.


Tilmelding til workshops åbnes tidligst 3 uger inden afholdelsen af workshoppen og sker via mail til rasl@dac.au.dk.


Vi glæder os til at se jer!

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Hvad er DD Lab?


Hvor er DD Lab?
DD Lab er en forholdsvis ny facilitet på Katrinebjerg etableret for at imødekomme et voksende behov for et sted hvor eksamens-, projekt- og forsknings-baserede aktiviteter kan udfolde sig. I Lab´et er der mulighed for at realisere ideér indenfor fysisk interaktion og digitalt design -fx i form af prototyper, og/eller produktion af fungerende mock-ups m.m.

Continue reading…

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